Protein Food Guide

Carefully following a food plan which is high in protein and low in carbohydrates is essential in maintaining the proper chemical balance within the body. This insures the maximum utilization of the foods you eat and promotes the ability to maintain optimum health. Sugar, starches and readily available carbohydrates must be eliminated from the diet. You must remember to read labels on foods that may contain hidden sugars or sugar products. Eat only complex (natural) carbohydrates and avoid refined (processed) carbohydrates.

1.      WHAT YOU EAT

Avoid all processed carbohydrates. Eat only high quality carbohydrates, protein and moderate amounts of fat.


Eat frequent small meals, enough to prevent hunger, but not enough to be stuffed. Three meals and three protein snacks a day.

3.      WHEN YOU EAT

Eat meals and snacks by the clock. Eat approximately every two or three hours. Start the day with a high-quality breakfast, then a snack approximately two to three hours later, followed by lunch, then a second snack, dinner, and then a third snack one hour before bedtime. If any meals are delayed for longer than 3 hours, an additional snack would be required.
On the following pages you will find listed, “Allowable Foods,” “Other Considerations,” “Foods to Avoid,” “Allowable Snacks.” and “Allowable Beverages.”


Breakfast- Choose from eggs, cheese, meat, fish or fowl. Grains – any wholegrain cereal or wholegrain bread,  beverage.
Snack- Choose from “Allowable snacks.”
Lunch- Choose from meat, fish or fowl. Allowable vegetable and/or salad.
Snack- Choose from “Allowable Snacks.”
Dinner- Choose from meat, fish or fowl. Allowable vegetable and/or salad.
Snack- Choose from “Allowable snacks.”

The daily menu routine should be three small meals and three small snacks every day! 


You may reduce the quantity of foods listed, according to your own needs, but continue to eat the same combination of food groups. This is most important in maintaining the proper balance of your internal environment. In reducing quantity, never eliminate snacks. Consumption of fruits should be minimized during the first 30 days as they contain a high content of natural sugars. As with any nutritional program, medical supervision is recommended


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